Plant-Based Meat, is Meat?

Much is said about the famous Beef made from plants or better known as Plant Based Meat! The fact is that little is known about this new way of producing protein. When I say little, I mean the large agricultural / ranching community that still deny that this food technology is revolutionizing the world and is here to stay.

For those who thought it was a Tech of the future, they were wrong! It is already present and it's becoming popular mainly in the Asian market.

Another important fact is to separate 2 things: Plant Based Meat (plant protein) and Meats made from stem cells, the latter being one of the most promising among them.

In Israel, a Startup is already launching Stem Cell Meat made on a 3D printer. Just as we print coffee in capsules, we will print beef, pork, chicken, fish and even shrimp, in our homes! And the most incredible thing about it is that the price is getting cheaper and cheaper. The expectation is that in a few months, half a kilo of stem cell meat can cost US11.00 and it will become more and more cheaper!

Have you ever imagined arriving at a website and asking for a Picanha capsule and an Ancho steak for your barbecue?

And the best part of this story is that access to food will become cheaper and cheaper and will certainly contribute strongly to reducing hunger in the world!

The big companies in the sector, who still live off traditionalism, get ready .... Innovation does not ask for permission ... but comes already transforming the scene without excuses!

Bruno Dupin

CEO @ Startup Connection

TAGS: Barbecue, Plant based, Meat, protein, hunger, Brazil, Worldwide

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