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Who are we? 



   We are a company founded in New York - USA with headquarters in São Paulo. We operate in Brazil, USA and Europe, taking Innovation and Technology to large companies and Agribusiness Startups!!


    We use innovation to accelerate the agri business development process. We prepare companies for the world of Innovation, through our own methodology extracted from concepts from MIT and Silicon Valley, an institution where we acquired Technology and Innovation certification.

RWe love the world behind the best and most disruptive technologies, to bring you the most innovative in the market.

   Bruno Dupin Gaspar (CEO) is an Agronomist with more than 10 years of experience in multinationals and an international reference in Technology and Innovation, mainly in Agribusiness. Founded 4 startups in the last 4 years, being Startup Connection in New York, USA.


    Led investments in Startups in Latin America during a period in one of the largest startup accelerators in Silicon Valley, cradle of innovation in the world!


   Technology enthusiast, today he helps companies and employees to think differently and in an innovative/disruptive way.


    Has an MBA in business management from FGV, specialization in people management from Fundação Dom Cabral and certification of technology and innovation from MIT (USA).

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