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The content generated by Bruno Dupin invites the public to think in a totally different way about the New Economy in Brazil and in the World, through analogies with technologies of our daily lives.

Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printers and Consumer 4.0 are some of the various topics covered during his lectures that encourage the public to question current business models and think about how to adapt to the New Global Economy.

Today, Bruno works in Latin America, USA and Europe.

On Tiktok, its contents already add up to more than

1 Million Views!

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We developed the DNA methodology to better connect the various market solutions for your pain. 

Learn more about our methodology


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We design development strategies

business processes, also supported by our DNA methodology.


Development and structuring of innovation teams

Development of Go to Market strategies

Internationalization of companies

High-impact dynamics of innovation

Innovation Mandala: 5 Steps

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We create innovative ideas based on contractor demand

We co-create events, workshops, program for leaders, creation or structuring of an investment system in Startups and training focused on technology and innovation.




There are 5 days in New York & Boston / Miami / Silicon Valley, with an agenda focused on a unique experience in the most technological and innovative places in the world!

We will have lectures on Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship, on various subjects, such as FinTechs, HealthTech, AgTech, EdTech, ConstruTech and much more!

Can you imagine walking into the Microsoft office in downtown Manhattan and getting to know the company behind the scenes? Microsoft, WeWork, Wall Street, Galvanize and more.

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